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How to Make a Vocal Pop Filter

When you are recording content, you might need to control the vocalist a little – get them away from the microphone or control what are called vocal plosives. A pop filter is one way to do it. Creating one is pretty easy and can be complete once you come back from the craft store. I show you how you can make your own pop filter for podcasting. What is a Vocal Plosive? Say “Bubba”. Now Say “Pappa”. Two more words – “Sassafras” and “Changling”. These are plosive words. when you say them, the B, P, S or Ch sounds will...


Cheap vs. Expensive Microphones: Which to Use for Podcasts

As a lifelong musician I’ve played through a lot of instruments, used a lot of microphones, recorded on a ton of devices and listened through a plethora of headphones. From those dollar store specials to items costing upwards to $2,000 – especially microphones (As I did an article on the most expensive microphones a few months back). Any budget will tell you that sometimes you have to cut a corner. The biggest question I get asked is if they should go cheap or expensive. There are microphones you can get for $30-40 that have a good sound to them for a...