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Seven Awesome Ways to Help Improve Your Podcast Abilities

For some, podcasting comes from a script you wrote earlier in the day. For other podcasters, what rolls off the tounge is whats recorded – every um and ah. But as all tasks, you can always learn to get better at it. I personally never expected to be writing articles for a living. Now I put out at least 1,000 words on a daily basis. I am challenging myself daily and creating new breakthroughs. So here are some skill builders you can use to improve the way you podcast: 1. Read a Short Story in the Microphone Reading from a...

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How to Remove the Bounce In Your Podcast Studio

I was just on the community forums and someone was asking about room control for podcasting. As a musician, I’ve seen it all. Foam, egg cartons, carpeting, and more on the walls.  But what is the cheapest and aesthetically pleasing way to do it? I remember one time I went to a friends house to lay down some drum tracks. We weaved through the house into the basement to a room stuffed in the back corner. He opened the door to a room filled with burlap hung from the ceiling and floor. The burlap had couch foam inside it and...