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Record Podcasts with Multiple USB Microphones 6

Use Multiple USB Microphones to Record [How to]

When I consult podcasters that want to use 2 or mor microphones for podcasting, I recommend a mixer like the Alesis MultiMix 8. Sometimes the podcaster doesn’t want to deal with anything more than what a USB mic has to offer. So they ask if you can connect more than one USB mic to your computer to record. The answer is you can  with a little bit of work at the beginning How USB Microphones Work Normally by plugging in a USB microphone you are turning that sound device into the primary. The secondary or tertiary sound source is not...


MXL 550 / 551R Combo for Vocals, Overhead Vocals and more

If you want to make a quick upgrade to your podcast rig and don’t have that much money; consider the MXL 550/551R series microphone. I have used the combo mics before in the 990/991 series and they do a great job getting a voice across. About the MXL 550/551 series microphone The 550/551 series are cardioid polar microphones that record a range from 30Hz to 20 kHz. Both are pressure gradient condenser microphones – which will give a good bass boost if only a few centimeters away from the sound source. The 551 can work as an overhead microphone for...