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Record Podcasts with Multiple USB Microphones 6

Use Multiple USB Microphones to Record [How to]

When I consult podcasters that want to use 2 or mor microphones for podcasting, I recommend a mixer like the Alesis MultiMix 8. Sometimes the podcaster doesn’t want to deal with anything more than what a USB mic has to offer. So they ask if you can connect more than one USB mic to your computer to record. The answer is you can  with a little bit of work at the beginning How USB Microphones Work Normally by plugging in a USB microphone you are turning that sound device into the primary. The secondary or tertiary sound source is not...

Yeti Rig 0

Should You Buy a Podcasting Pack? We Look at 3 Podcast Rigs

You are planning to podcast. You don’t have any microphones or mixers, so you start looking at podcast packs. But are these really a good deal, or a waste of money. We take a look a couple packs and review their contents. I then put together a rig that is for the serious beginner podcaster. Behringer Podcaster Firewire Bundle Behringer Xenyx 802 8-input mixer Behringer C1 Microphone Behringer FCA202 Firewire converter Behringer HPS3000 headphones Behringer is an OK brand. For 200 dollars, this would be comparable to getting your child that student model trumpet for violin for band class. If you become...