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YouTube Royalty Free Music – Tracks You Can Use Even if You Are Not Publishing to YouTube

It gets frustrating when you finally find a track that you want in your podcast and then find out that track has some type of copyright. Even in my rant about Royalty Free Music we find that even though the album says it, music isn’t always royalty free. YouTube wants to help us with this problem. They just released 150 tracks that are completely free to use for your podcasts, YouTube videos, movie productions, screencasts and many more projects. Within these 150 tracks include Rock, Jazz, Pop, Electronic, Hip-hop, Country and more. Best part – they download at 320 kbps MP3...


This Royalty Free Album Isn’t Really Royalty Free

I try to look for music that I can use for my audio and video podcasts. Earlier this year, I bought an album to add to my royalty free music list – called 75 Full True Royalties Free Song (From Chillout to Techno Free Use Music Album). I looked at a couple sources and it said this was royalty free music. Two weeks ago, I decided to use a couple tracks from this library for a new production. The songs were great and they fit in. I was happy with the results and finalized the video for upload to sources...