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Blip.tv Hosts Video Podcasts

Blip.tv is a great way to get beyond the YouTube audience. Blip is a site that hosts your video and also re-aggregates it to other services. They offer full RSS feeds, opportunities to download your media and conversion of your videos to work on mobile media and mp3. Blip offers two levels of service – Free, and Pro. The pro version comes out to about $100 a year, so it’s really cheap to host your videos. The Pro version allows you to convert your video to LD, SD, MP3 and HD720 modes. This will allows the videos to play on...

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Can These Expensive Microphones Give You the Best Quality?

So you want to take your podcast to the next level. You plan a budget to get only the best gear – mixer, cables, and of course, the microphone. However, some of these microphone prices can cost more than the rest of the rig. It can become very confusing – should you get something expensive, or a lower-cost alternative? I am going to show you a few microphones that could break the bank. I’ll explain why it’s so pricey, and ultimately, should you buy for podcasting. USB Microphone: MXL UR-1 $499.99 Let’s start with one of the most expensive USB Microphones out there....