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Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways it Can 1

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways It Can!

A couple months ago, Stan Alcorn posed the issue that while videos, websites and photos can do it, podcasts might not have the ability to go viral. But that is really not true. While its not as visible as Kimmel’s Twerk hoax, or lovable as a Kitten photo, an audio podcast has not only gone viral before, I believe it can happen again. Therefore, I propose 5 ways to help an audio podcast go viral.  It may not be as simple as recording a show and posting on iTunes, but if you do it right, anything can happen. The Audio...

YouTube Royalty Free Musicq 1

YouTube Royalty Free Music – Tracks You Can Use Even if You Are Not Publishing to YouTube

It gets frustrating when you finally find a track that you want in your podcast and then find out that track has some type of copyright. Even in my rant about Royalty Free Music we find that even though the album says it, music isn’t always royalty free. YouTube wants to help us with this problem. They just released 150 tracks that are completely free to use for your podcasts, YouTube videos, movie productions, screencasts and many more projects. Within these 150 tracks include Rock, Jazz, Pop, Electronic, Hip-hop, Country and more. Best part – they download at 320 kbps MP3...