Ten Fun Facts About Water and Podcasting

Do you have a hard time doing your podcast? You body rebels when you get in front of the mic? Maybe you don’t have enough water in your system. Since the majority of people are dehydrated on a regular basis, the more water you ingest before showtime the better.

Let’s look at 10 fun facts about water so you can include it in your weekly routine.

10. How Much Water do we Need to Drink?

For men, it’s 100 oz. For women, 72 oz every day. That is 4-5 glasses of water (16 oz). By doing that you can hydrate your whole body which can – in turn – help your speech, your mental acuity and your visual skills. Simple as that.

9. Water Before You Start your Podcast

Drinking 1 glass of water 20 minutes before you podcast can re-hydrate your vocal cords. It can also keep you from those dry hiccups or any belching (especially if you drank soda earlier). The 20 minute wait will help your body re-hydrate so you can attack your show with full force.

Keep in mind you may need to drink more than a glass if you are sick or really dehydrated.

humidifier helps vocals for podcasts

humidifier helps vocals for podcasts

8. A Humidifier Can Help

Getting your studio to a 70% or above humidity can also help you. Most important it keeps the room from lots of dry – static electricity. That way you won’t get a shock for touching something metal.

A more humid room relaxes muscles and makes you feel warmer. It’s a great way to prep a room in the middle of winter.

shower before podcast

shower before podcast

7. Showers Can Cleanse the Mind, Body

So there was this study that said if you were trying to find or do something – let’s say grab a screwdriver. By walking into another room you have a chance of forgetting what you went into the room for. Why? It’s a change of feeling, change of scenery and the change of scene can put you in another place – forgetting that you needed that screwdriver.

Water does the same thing – Take a shower before you podcast and you are washing away the problems of the day. Forget about that screwdriver because you have a podcast to do.

A 10 minute shower also clears out your memory because for 10 minutes you focus on one thing – taking a shower. No other issues to confront you – no email to read, no Facebook to peruse – just you and soapy water. You smell better and that makes you feel better. Plus for those who do video its a chance to look clean on camera.

6. Water at Room Temperature

This is actually important. When you drink water at room temperature your body doesn’t react to an extreme. Think of it like eating ice cream – you can get a brain-freeze for drinking ice cold water.

Well not really but have you ever thought that your stomach could react to a temperature change?

On another scale – The other day I fixed myself some tea. The water was too hot and I burned my tongue. No one wants a burned tongue; especially if you are two minutes away from your podcast.



5. Even the Sound of Water Helps

A waterfall is one of those sounds you get on a relaxation CD. Another is a babbling brook. While drinking water hydrates you; the sound of water soothes you to prep your mind for a show.

Sit for 10 minutes and listen to a relaxation tape. Clear your mind so you can attack your show.

4. Water in Water Out

Since there is nothing to break down, water can get you to pee a lot faster. Therefore you can force a urination before your show – instead of having to go halfway through. It works best if you drink more than one glass and it also depends on how dehydrated you are.


3. Hungry? Drink Some Water

It’s an hour before dinner and you’re a little hungry. Some people suggest you are just dehydrated. By drinking water that can make the hunger go away while you podcast.

By eating before a show you have a chance of your digestive system reacting. For example: I have a hereditary issue where if I eat rice (or other foods similar) too fast I will get hiccups. The last thing I need are the hiccups during a show. Not only does the water keep me stable but also can help prevent things like hiccups.

Anyone with acid-reflux knows to not eat before a show. Room-temperature water can also help keep the reflux down.

2. Mucus Cleaner

Now if you have a cold you know that mucus is just a bad part of it. Mucus also can affect your speaking if you have to cough. Drinking water thins the mucus so you can get through an hour without hacking up a lung.

Same thing with the shower and a humid studio. These things can help clear sinuses so you don’t have to stop in the middle to blow your nose.

water before podcasting

water before podcasting

1. I… Am… Getting…Tired… Need… Water…

Any podcaster can tell you that a show can take a lot out of you. By the end of an hour you could walk away from the mic feeling tired. Maybe the last part of the show didn’t go well because you started tripping on your words.

Water keeps your brain hydrated which will (in turn) keep your brain moving. With the right amount of water every day (and mental exercise) you can keep that muscle in tune and ready for your show.

Water is good for you and by keeping your levels up will promote a strong, healthy body. So grab that glass and fill it with some water! Enjoy the beverage and you can see your podcasting skills improve!

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  • bdegrande

    Good advice in general. A minor quibble – it’s vocal CORDS, chords are what you play on a musical instrument.

    • Thanks for the note. I have changed the word to cords.