Time to Restructure – Make Your Podcast Successful

Is it Time to Revamp your Podcast to Get Larger Audience?

I know – It’s your baby – You built it and feel it is doing well. But maybe a change could bring more listeners. Maybe a change will keep people on your podcast a little longer. It could be a difference from 100 listens and 1,000 or more.

It’s important to review how your show is doing and make changes. After all – how do you get better if you don’t review what you are doing?

Do you even listen to your own podcast? If not (or have no reason to even after this post), then stop reading here. If you want to get a better audience – continue on!

The Six Week Rule

The six week rule is a great way to keep your show fresh. It’s a simple process to make small changes every six weeks. Maybe you add some new segment that hasn’t been going over.

The Geekazine Weekly Podcast has gone through many changes in six week increments. I have gone from 3 segments, to 2. I had a dedicated segment to one website, I have done a segment “Jeff puts something into the cloud” and “Geek Smack! Crap”.

In some cases I have promoted the change. Geek Smack Crap I rendered out a segment and posted it on YouTube. It didn’t hit as it’s own segment, which caused me to nix the whole idea. There are other ways to promote change. I would tweet out “Listen to the Geek section of the podcast!” as separate posts.

Listen to Your Podcast Audience

Listen to Your Audience

For months after I started my podcast, I didn’t hear anything from the audience. Then one day I got an email. Wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it opened up my eyes. I don’t have the original email; it basically said that my “P”s were popping and there was too much hiss.

My first inclination was to ignore it. The episode didn’t go over too well and I just wanted to get the show out. I then thought about it and realized that I sent out a sub-par episode. With that, I not only knew not to put out a crappy show – I also learned that I had people listening.

I emailed the person back and thanked him. Even mentioned his name on the following show. He never emailed me again.

Survey your podcast audience

Survey the Podcast Audience

Setting up a survey is a great way to get some feedback. Best part is there are many ways to do that. Google Documents can create a form that you can put right on your webpage at youurwebpage.com/survey. Then, you promote the hell out of it.

Here is a Tip: When you promote your survey, put an end date of no more than 6 weeks. The expiration date gives a sense of urgency. Don’t make it too long, but also don’t make it too short.


You could run a survey and give away a prize for participation. Anything over $100 in value brings people. If you do that, expect 80% of your survey to be from people that didn’t even listen to your show.

That’s plan might still work in your advantage; you could take the email information and add to an email list. However, if you really want feedback and still want to give away a prize, then try making your survey more specific. For example, I might ask one question on the survey, “what was the third topic I talked about this week”. If they listened to the show, they would know the answer. It would be a required answer, so if they didn’t listen to the show, they might just go back and do it.

Re-Vamp (Reboot) Your Podcast

Last year, I decided “the Geekazine Weekly Podcast” was too long and very boring. Therefore, I went hunting for a new name. A fellow podcaster came up with “Geek Smack!” It was perfect and actually geared the path I wanted for the podcast. Within a month I put together the new show. Geek Smack! (www.thegeeksmack.com) was born.

I also went from audio only to video/audio mix. I put together a studio set to record from which I call the “Geek Bar”. I continually update the set to make it look new and exciting. Just over the weekend, I did some painting to the bar.

Not all shows hit the first time around. Sometimes it takes a little tweaking to make the show right. Changes are great ways to do it – and it keeps your show fresh. What are some things you have done to kickstart your podcast? Let me know!


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