Turn a Blog Post into a Podcast

When I started Geekazine, I was recording the Geekazine Quickcast – 5 minutes of a subject I wanted to talk about. It basically had a 500 word blog attached to it. I would write the blog, then turn on the podcast machine and recite it.

Most podcasters talk off the cuff. This process was time consuming and more difficult because I had to read it word-for-word. If I made a mistake, I had to stop, and start again.

By doing that show, it definitely taught me a lot. It also got me prepared for my Day in Tech History podcast – because I had to read that, too. There was no way of working around that. After all, it’s not like I could make up tech history.

Why Turn a Blog Post into a Podcast?


Turning your Blog into a Podcast

Because it can bring in a whole bunch of people that listen, but don’t read. Your site also get cataloged in podcast databases. Sites like iTunes and Zune, to podcatchers like PodBean. You never know when someone is going to download and listen to your show, then get interested in your site.

It also brings another level to your website by adding a Podcast RSS feed. To do this, you will have to install a 3rd party plugin to do so. When it’s done, you can promote your show, and your blog.

Is it Hard to Get Listeners to a Podcast Like that? or I Just Don’t Want to Do it.

It can be. Just like your blog, the podcast feed starts at ground 0. With promotion, people will start to listen. Especially if it’s good information.

Here is a Tip: If you don’t want to start a podcast, try and find someone else that podcasts. Offer them your writings for their show. They save time because they can read your post word-for-word, and you get promotion from their podcast.

If you listen to Grammar Girl, you will know Mignon Fogerty doesn’t always write her podcast script. Other authors put something together for her to read. In return, she talks about their book or website. A pretty nice trade-off to an established podcast.

Here is a Tip: In your blog post, write “Want to use this article to podcast about? Feel free, and reference this website and article” into your posts will give podcasters an idea they can use your post word-for-word.

Are There Things to Avoid in Writing a Blog Post for Podcast Reading?

Writing with SEO in mind sometimes doesn’t translate well to spoken word. If you are trying to get high search-ability on a post and still want it as a podcast episode, the best thing to do is read aloud your writing. Pretend you are the podcaster and you are reading this manuscript on-air.

The idea is if the blog post will flow. If it doesn’t, you’ll know at that point, and can make corrections so it does flow better.

When Not to Make it a Podcast Episode

Not too much will make a blog post non-viable for podcast. I suppose if a blog relies on a photo within, and that photo is difficult to explain, then a podcast might be skipped. On the other hand, it does make it a challenge to explain, and that can be more rewarding than not podcasting about it.

If you think of a blog post as a chapter in your book, then podcasting about it should be smooth and easy. Just like any good book out there for sale, eventually, someone is going to create an audio version to sell.

Whether you podcast your blogs or not, it’s a good idea to at least make it ready to be podcasted on. If you don’t record it, promote it for someone who does want to record it. You might find a great partnership out of the deal and better promotion.

Want to use this blog post in your podcast? Feel free – reference HowtoRecordPodcasts.com.

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