Turn Headphones into a Lavalier Microphone for iOS, Android Devices

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Turn iPhone Headphones into Lavalier Microphone

If you use your iPhone, iPad, Andriod phone or tablet and want to create a cheap microphone lavalier for it, here’s what you do:

Get an older headset – whether an old iPhone headset or maybe something you bought down the road. Simply cut off both earphones – the left side by the “V” in the cord and the right side right after the microphone nub on the headset. Since most of these headsets are white, you might want to take a sharpie to the unit to hide the microphone.

Now all you have to do is figure out a way to keep the lav on your shirt. You can use a paperclip or safety pin. Another easy idea is to keep the right earbud intact, then simply tuck the headphone into your shirt collar or drape it over your shoulder.

There is also a great product out there by Monster called the iSoniTalk. Its an adapter for headphones to add a microphone. Simply plug the iSoniTalk in and start recording.

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