Ten Ways You Can Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

“Watch my show” and a link is usually what I see when people post their episodes on Facebook. A lot of them are “Gun and Run” tactics – where they explain nothing about the episode but still want you to watch or listen. Facebook sees this issue and wants to curb it by revamping their algorithm – making those posts go away. It will also make it harder for those who truely promote their show to do such. You have to start thinking in other ways to get the message across.

Therefore, I offer some suggestions to help push your show along the social media lines. Keep in mind – these ideas might need you to spend extra time doing more. The end result could be more people checking out what your podcast is about.

1. Take Photos

If you are an audio podcast, then set up a webcam to take pictures while you record. Maybe snap a selfie from your smartphone or camera.

Once you’ve found the good ones, set them as scheduled posts for a couple hours later or just post at that point. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, why not put a few thousand up right away?

It is said if you add photos to your Tweets, you can increase your traffic by 150% or more.

2. Meme Your Photos

I’ve started seeing Conan do this: They take a joke from the monologue and turn a photo into a meme. The photo then gets re-shared by others.

When you do this, make sure you have a call to action on the photo. Website, podcast name, hashtag, etc. You want people to come to your show, not just reshare something you did.

3. Say HI to another Social Network

Facebook also owns Instagram. The two networks work separately and as one unit. Therefore, if you post an Instagram photo from time to time, you build another group of people that might check out your podcast.

Having 500 followers on one network and 200 on another is important. There are people who refuse to use Facebook but love LinkedIn. If you are looking for another demographic, try Snapchat or Vine. Send out a Yo or a Whisper.

You can even revisit an old network you haven’t been on. I used to be very active on a network called “Plurk”. The best part about Plurk was the karma system. If you posted, your karma went up.

4. Infographics Bring it In

The best part about an Infographic is social networks will cut off the majority of the image when you post it. People then have to go to your website to see the rest. If you can do a couple Infographics in your show notes – then promote the Infographic separate – you might see more traffic come your way.

5. The “Call to Action”

The power of direct suggestion cannot be overlooked. A phrase like I can’t wait for you to see this goes a long way. Maybe a post that says Click Here to Listen to the show.

If you are on Facebook, you’ve seen this phrase: What happened next totally blew me away and it will you, too! Its an emotional call to action and will definitely bring the curious clickers onto your site.

6. Retweet

Did you know a second post can bring twice the traffic? If you tweet out in the morning, try tweeting something similar in the evening. You end up hitting a different demographic at that time.

There are also plugins that re-tweet older posts. You can set frequency or how old the post has to be to re-tweet. I used to work on a blog who’s #1 post was how to clean your iPhone if dropped in the toilet. The blog made sure it got optimal traffic by re-tweeting that post every 6 weeks.

I have also done it with my videos. If I get an episode that has great traffic, I’ll repost it on my social networks. I’ll say something like “Thanks to everyone who watched this episode. Its the most viewed of the month!” That brings more people to watch it.

7. Do Something Fun with Your Content

The Gregory Brothers brought fame by auto-tuning certain video events and creating songs around it. People watched, laughed, liked and commented. You can do something similar if you think about it.

One of my shows – This Week in Google Glass (now called Wearable Today) – I took season 1 of the show and compressed all the episodes into one – three minute video. It was a fun little project which didn’t take that long to put together.

8. Track, Comment, Promote

Have you ever thought of getting alerted for posts looking for your content? I got some listeners to my Day in Tech History Podcast simply by watching what people post.

I have a filter as a podcast coach that looks for the words “podcast” and “help”. Many posts come up where I can answer them directly. One Tweet showed up stating: Looking for new #technology #podcasts to listen to #help.

I responded with “You can check out my Day in Tech History Podcast” with the link. The end result – they thanked me, became a follower and listen to my show.

9. Hashtag and Like

You never know who will reply or share your post. If you are reviewing a Ford vehicle, make sure you use either @Ford or #Ford in the message to your social networks. The Hashtag will go further (no pun intended) than the @ since Twitter and Facebook don’t directly link up the brand the same way.

I always make sure if I am reviewing an item, someone get mentioned. My last review was with the Motorola Moto-X. On Twitter it was @Motorola. On Facebook it was #Motorola.

Going back to Ford, I did a video a year ago with Alan Mulally (former CEO). A few months ago, he not only friended me, but also shared my video. All because I had the proper hashtags and links.

10. Promos, Promos, Promos

Start a YouTube channel and post what your working on. VLOG style or as a promo to let people know what you are doing. Use the smartphone camera to capture a squirrel in your back yard and say “This is our number one fan waiting for the next episode of the show”.

Create Your Own Social Media Disruption

The best part about social networking and social media is its the 500 lb Gorilla ready to market you and your show. Its all about trial and error. Think of why YOU select a post you see when surfing. Does the text pull at your heart strings? Does it have an awesome picture attached? Do you want to find out what happens next? Does it relate to what you do and you want to see their stance on it?

When you’ve figured out a new way to promote your show, contact me and we can talk about it!

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