What is a DeadCat?

Do you want a better sound with your microphone? Maybe you need a dead cat!

No, don’t go out to the back yard with a bowl of milk, saying “Here kitty, kitty”. A DeadCat is something a little different.

What Really is a DeadCat?

If you’ve seen a TV crew rig or a boom mic operator over a TV show or movie – or even a documentary crew running behind a state senator asking what possessed him to take pictures on his cellphone, you may have seen a dead cat hover over. A Dead cat is a windscreen for a microphone. It looks furry – or like you have a dead cat on your microphone.



How the DeadCat works.

The fur of the DeadCat catches into the wind and absorbs the sound. Think of it like a thousand springs catching a bowling ball. They absorb the wind and block the sound from entering the microphone.

If you have a windscreen on your microphone and still get external sound, then the DeadCat may be the answer. Shotgun Wind screens don’t have that furry exterior, therefore can only block certain frequencies. Combining the windscreen and DeadCat in really windy situations can remove a great deal of wind noise. Of course, you have to boost your microphone up a little more so the sounds you want can be heard.

Some also refer to a DeadCat as a Wind Muff or a Duster.

If you have something like the Røde VideoMic, you should get a DeadCat with it. Then when you record a conference or record a podcast outside, the wind won’t get in the way.

Can You Make a DeadCat?

It’s possible but you have to be cautious about the fur material you get. Some has a thick glue on the fake skin that could cause other audio problems. Look at the inner side and determine if it can be used. If the skin is too course or the material is too thick, you may want to move on.

Ultimately, a DeadCat is a good investment around $40. After all, that wind noise is almost impossible to remove with any type of software. So why not keep it out to begin with?

Don't Forget Your DeadCat

Don’t Forget Your DeadCat

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