YouTube Adding Tip Jar, Crowdsource Captions, and More at VidCon

Last week was VidCon – a conference for Internet Video creators. A great way for people to network and learn how to make their videos better. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was on hand and announced a bunch of great goodies for content creators.

Fan Subtitles

If you have fans that are willing to help, why not have them translate or transcribe a video. Turning this into a major wiki or crowdsource project, the fan subtitles option encourages people to help you expand your reach with subtitles in different languages.

Hopefully, there will be some type of lockdown for those who want to troll the videos. After all, I don’t know another language -someone could be transcribing not what I say, but what they want me to say…

Creator Credits

This is going to be a great way to promote those people who helped you out. You can put credits to those fans that helped you out. Better than a video credit because there is SEO availability to it.

It also sounds like there will be likability to their YouTube channels.  This means if you have a Q&A area, you can annotate the people asking questions so they can get fans, too.

60 Frames Per Second

My cameras record at 1080p / 60. It will be nice to be able to send that through my editor as the same and post on YouTube.

What this does is makes the video crisper – especially for those YouTube gamers. You will be able to upload 48 fps and 60 fps videos without converters knocking it back down to 29.97 fps or less.

It also allows for a better speed experience – another feature some YouTube channels have. In the settings icon, playback the video at .50 so you can transcribe the video better or just see the action in slower motion.

Ultimately, I am hoping YouTube will start allowing 240fps and better videos with a controllable slider. That will definitely give you something to do.

Crowdfunding Buttons

Running a Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Patreon page? YouTube will soon allow you to link to that crowdfund to help you raise more money to make more videos.

I woudn’t be surprised if they even make a template for crowdfunding down the road so you don’t need to go to a separate page to make a $10 donation via Google Wallet.

Other Great Additions to YouTube

Playlists will be getting a revamp so you can build stuff people really want to see. A collaborator playlist with two to three creators maybe?

SiriusXM will be launching “The YouTube 15” with Jenna Marbles. This will be a show all about YouTube.

Ready for the new additions? I know I am. You can always subscribe to my channel at Geekazine to see when and how I’ll use these new additions. While you’re there, feel free to transcribe a video or two.

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