8 Ways to Make Your Old Podcast Episodes Popular Again

If you podcast evergreen content, you want to remind people of the past episodes you created. I cannot tell you how many times I get email for my show iPad365 asking to review a product I already did. Even with all the practices I do to let people know, there are still millions that don’t even know this show exists.

  • Definition: Evergreen Content – A podcast that is still relevant to watch or listen to 6 months, 1 year or longer. Content such as news of the day is considered “expirable“.

With almost a weeks worth of video content being uploaded on the internet every minute, how do you remind them what you did already? I have 5 ways that can help you promote without shoving it down people’s throats.

Take the rust off your old podcast episodes and make them new again

When a Post Re-Hits, Update the Post!

Every year I go out to CES and create over 250 videos with TPN.TV (we will be out there this year, too!) I get great traffic after the fact, but every now and then I get a post that gets some major hits right out of the blue. Someone might have talked about the product, which prompted others to run Google searches on it.

I just got a burst of hits for a product we looked at: Lil Wiz Wireless Speaker. I did a quick search and found my post climbed up in the Google Ranks. So I went back into the post and added about 50 words to the 150 I already had in there. I made sure all keywords were present and I said Lil Wiz 2-3 times. I also put in some <H3> tags and set a couple words in bold font. All of these practices help with SEO. Chances are, people will continue to search for the next 24-48 hours. After that, the post might go back to it’s normal viewing.

Remind People About a Show Through Social Media by Automating Page 3,5,7 in WordPress

Use Twitterfeed to broadcast latest podcasts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

I use a website called Twitterfeed.comWhen I post an article, within a couple hours the website will send the link off to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All you need is your feed URL to set the schedule.

I also set up a second feed. Now for any post, tag, page or category in WordPress, you can get a feed of that page. For instance, iPad365’s page 3 can be seen by going to this link:


When I post something new, everything bumps down. Page 3 of iPad365 gets something new at the top of their page. Twitterfeed sees that and posts the new item to my social networks.  Since page 3 content is about 5-6 months back, it is enough time for people to re-discover the content.

Watch the Forums – Promote Your Show

In running an iPad show, I watch and participate in specific iPad forums. When someone starts to talk about an app that I already talked about on the show, I refer them to that video. You would be surprised how many views I get from doing that.

Don’t be spammy – the key is to participate in the forum. You never know when they will help you or come up with a new episode idea. I was in a forum and they were talking about wedding apps. I realized I have not done an episode about that. So I am in the middle of getting applications for weddings.

Put A Random Episode in Email

Add a podcast episode to your email signature

This works great for a YouTube video, but you can do it with your podcast. How many emails do you send out in a day? You might have your contact info on the bottom, so why not a link to the podcast? Maybe one of your favorite episodes.

Traffic comes from all directions. Try putting one podcast link in your signature notes, then track through WordPress (Jetpack has a site stats widget that will tell you where traffic comes from). Anything from gmail, yahoo mail, outlook or other mail sources will show up on the referrers side.

Top 5 Most Listened to Episodes – List.ly Top List

On your website create a sidebar widget called “Most listened to podcast episodes”. Maybe your favorite episode list as an alternative. Populate it with 5 episodes.

With that list being on most pages of your website, people might click on the link and watch an episode you did two years ago.

There is also website called List.ly. Every couple months, I update my Top iPad365 Episodes list. It gets pretty good traffic to the website.

Update YouTube, too!

If you have a video podcast and you update your page, why not add a couple other words to the YouTube page. YouTube is the #2 search engine – if someone is searching for Lil’ Wiz on Google, they are searching for Lil Wiz on YouTube, too.

It’s important to populate the description. Don’t just put in “I did a podcast with Joe Blow”. Look at the description I do with iPad365 on YouTube.

Related Posts Plugin

There is a plugin you can get for WordPress that allows each post to be followed by older posts as suggestions to look at. If you liked cooking apps in iPad365, why not try this article about a cooking recipe?

Make a series of backlinks on your website and you will get better page rank.

Re-do the Podcast – Make a highlights reel for another podcast

People talk about length of a show that stops them from watching or listening. What if you took your show and removed all the “ummmms” and whitespace (where no one talks)? Your 12 minute podcast might cut down to 6 minutes. Maybe take out a non-important question: down to 4 minutes.

Two years ago I did an interview with Steve Wozniak. If a major development came out about him, I might re-tool that interview to show you the highlights. I would then link back to the original podcast.

What Else Can You Do?

I only scratched the surface as to what you can do in getting people to watch or listen to your old shows. Some of it is automated, but other times it’s just good old fashioned leg work. It’s like the old saying goes – Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Most important takeaways: Watch what people are searching for. Watch how they come to your site. Update the old to make it new again. There are over 300 million in the US alone. Not everyone has seen your show, unless your stats say 300 million. If they don’t come across it, put it in their way.

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  • Interesting ideas. So you’re getting an increase in listenership/viewership just by updating some of the text on the pages?

    • Yes! It’s all about the keyword sometimes. Think about it – if you did a podcast before the word “podcast” was coined, going back to add “podcast” could drive traffic. Adding an addendum to your show can bring more Google Juice.

      I always try for 200 words. If I cannot do it first time round, I might be able to later.

  • Is there anything special to set up for the RSS feeds of category pages? I tried just typing one of mine using the same format as yours and got a “This webpage is not found” error in Chrome – not even a 404, just a browser error. http://www.qaqn.com/category/geek-dads-weekly/page/3/?feed=rss2

  • There’s a WordPress plugin called Tweet Old Posts that’s great for getting new people to see your old material. It selects posts at random and sends the links out to Twitter. No reason it wouldn’t work for podcast episodes as long as you are using WP for your show.

    • Jeffrey Powers

      Thanks! That is a great addition!

  • Some great ideas. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of List.ly but have set up a top 10 list there thanks to your suggestion. http://www.actorstalkpodcast.com/top10