How to Record Podcasts is an emerging site for those who want to record a podcast (video or audio), or already have been recording podcasts. This site gives tips and tricks into how to record podcasts, publish,  plan your website, set up rss feeds, and much more.

Managing Editor

Created by Jeffrey Powers, a podcaster for over 7 years. He has been making shows and internet video for his site Geekazine (www.geekazine.com), and TPN (www.tpn.tv).

About HTRP

How to Record Podcasts gives you a full library of products, tips and tricks in podcasting. If you are planning anything from a podcast, to an Internet TV channel, HTRP will give valuable tips and tricks for the trade. As the site builds, you will be able to find everything you need to know about podcasting right here!

You can help out with How to Record Podcasts

That is great! HTRP is currently looking for people that can write 100-200 word articles to build up this new website. Just head to the contact page and tell me who you are. Include an article for inclusion to How to Record Podcasts.

Thanks for visiting! I love all my fans, and hope you will be a fan of podcasting, too!

Advertising and Sponsorships

We are always looking for partners to help us with our vision. People that can give to the site and help keep it running. As How to Record Podcasts grows, you will see a community of podcasters and video content creators that are looking to build their brands.


The site just started, however, we have already seen a growth on the website. HTRP is excited to see how that cultivates in the next 365 days!

Thank You

Thanks for coming to HTRP, and checking out the articles. We love you guys and we love feedback. Please take a minute to help us out!