Makeup – Should I Wear It for my Video Podcast?


Should You Wear Makeup when Video Podcasting?

Remember that scene from Batman (the Michael Keaton version) where the news reporters couldn’t wear makeup because the Joker poisoned certain perfumes and soaps? Boy, those newscasters looked pretty ratty.

Now, flash forward to 2012, where news is being reported without the use of makeup at all. It’s called Video Podcasting, and we’re doing it au natural on the web. But should we be thinking about looking pretty for the web community?

Whenever I prepare for a show, I usually do one thing to clean up for the show: I take a shower. It’s not as much the clean factor, but a lot of studies indicate when you wash, you relax a little as your stress level goes down. I feel it works, because I feel invigorated and ready to do a podcast.

Dr Hathaway? Are you wearing makeup?

– asked of William Atherton‘s character from the movie: Real Genius. Atherton was recording a weekly public access show

My Skin issues – Vitiligo

I also have a skin condition called “Vitiligo” (pronounced Vit-tel-leg-o). Basically, it’s the loss of pigment in the skin. In the last 2-3 years, I have lost a lot of pigment, and my hands and face can look weird. It definitely affects my performance, because I probably see it more than most people. Yet, I get through it as best I can.

Wax Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow from Madame Tussauds (wikipedia)

So Should We Wear Makeup?

So when it comes to doing a video podcast, should we wear makeup? I say, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

If I was female, I probably would spend more time looking better for the camera. As a guy, there seems to be certain things I don’t realize. Did you know that putting on eyeliner can enhance your eyes, which is the one thing people will react to in a video?

Sincerity starts at the eyes. Maybe a little eye-liner will help. Not anything that will make you look like Captain Jack Sparrow, but something a little darker than your skin color to enhance.

Cleaning AND Moisturizing can Help

If you are a guy and want to do some simple things to make you look more youthful, then try just cleaning and moisturizing. Wash thoroughly with a non-drying soap, then use a moisturizer to relax the face. The more moisture you have in your skin, the less you might need makeup.

On that same aspect, eating fruit and vegetables more can help keep your skin healthy.

Wearing Makeup – Getting a Facial Profile

Here’s a Tip: Head down to the mall, then go to the makeup counter. For some guys it may be a little embarrassing to do, but talk to the counter salesperson about what makeup will help your face. Explain that it is an on-camera roll. They might have some great insight about what to wear in your conditions.

Lighting for Skin Tone

You can spend some cash on getting LED lights to bring a natural light and help blend tones. One of my favorite shows to watch is Film Riot on Revision3, which goes over many visual effects, along with lighting suggestions. I linked to an episode talking about lighting a shot. Plus, Ryan Connolly is a funny man.


Wear Makeup if it makes you feel better. Make sure you feel comfortable with it.

Don’t Feel like a Clown, Unless Your Podcast is ABOUT Being a Clown

The bottom line is, wear it if you feel more comfortable in it. If you are wearing it simply because you think you need to hide a pimple or your true skin tone, then you might want to re-think your strategy.

By smoothing out your skin tone, you can really make an impression on the camera, instead of someone saying “What’s that on his/her face?” Personally, I choose not to do it. But if I was ever on Letterman or Jimmy Fallon, I would definitely let them paint my face.

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