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Jeffrey Powers

Want to learn how to podcast? Don’t know where to start?

Jeffrey Powers – Podcast Coach

Jeffrey Powers
Jeffrey Powers

Hi. I’m Jeffrey Powers and I want to teach you how to podcast. I have been podcasting since 2005 when I started a local show for a website devoted to local music fans. Since then I have not only created podcasts in tech, I also host podcasts for others, created video podcasts and even created a podcast that posts every single day – 365 days a year.

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Everyone needs a helping hand at one time or another. I can help you with setting up your podcast from A to Z. Even if you never listened to a podcast before, I’ll get you ready for the experience!

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I have taught people one-on-one and in class settings. As a Podcast Coach I have created and monitor the Podcasters Community at Google+ – as well as participate in other podcast communities. I am also a host at TPN.TV’s Podcast Roundtable (Monthly Show).

“I have always been a one-on-one podcast helper. Each show is uniquely different from the software to the equipment used. Even the podcaster themselves are unique to their show. I try to help people understand the craft of podcasting and how they can develop their own voice in the niche.”

Teaching YOU to Podcast

There are many successful podcasts out there. You might want to be on top of the list or just want to be that weekend warrior podcaster. I can help you with your dreams and aspirations. From equipment to recording, I’ll be there every step of the way.

Podcasting Topics I Cover

    • General Topics

      • The Basics of Podcasting
      • Topics and Niches – Where Your Podcast Falls
      • Naming your Podcast and Logos – Your best foot forward
      • Time on Your Side – Structuring a Podcast so People Will consume the whole show
      • Websites and Domains – Where do you Start?
      • Hosting your Podcast – Who do you go to?
      • Getting an Audience – Can they Hear You?
      • Private or Public Podcasting – How Your
Hand Gestures while Podcasting
Learn how Hand Gestures can help in podcasting
  • Audio Podcasting

    • Software to Use – From Simple to Complex
    • Live or Mixdown – The Editing Process in-between
    • Audio Codex – Save Space or Give High Quality Recordings
    • Posture and Vocal Techniques – Put your Best Voice Forward
    • Proper ID3 Tagging – Let Your Podcast Shine!
Learn how to create a one-on-one interview
  • Video Podcasting

    • Webcams to Handhelds – Finding the Right Camera for You
    • Getting Video into Your Computer
    • Record to Mix or Live Broadcast – The Editing Process
    • Video Formats – HD, SD or Both?
    • YouTube Formatting – How YouTube Videos Become Successful and How You Can Apply That Information
Interview Tips
Tips for giving a better interview
  • Additional Topics

    • Archiving old Shows and Managing Your Space
    • Social Media and Social Networking – Leveraging Your Podcasts to Friends and Family
    • Email Lists – Email is Still King
    • Communication lines – Email, Twitter, Phone
    • Getting Guests – Interviewing 101
    • Is YouTube Podcasting?
    • Turning Your Mobile Device into a Podcast Machine


Final product of my Youtube video iPad365 episode 180
Learn how this image brings more traffic than SEO could.

Additional Training Materials

If you need it, I will supply it. Simple as that. Podcasting changes. Five years ago we were trying to find hosting that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg and software that could record our voices. Now (especially with mobile devices) you have many ways to get your show out to the public.

As podcasting evolves, I will be there to help you through it.

Free Service – Podcast Critique

In addition to my services I offer critiquing services free of charge. Sign up for more information and when you are ready to hear it, hit me up! I will give you a 30 point inspection on your podcast; length of podcast, audio sound of podcast, look of the podcast, images and much more. With this information we can tailor the show a little more and get it fine tuned for maximum audience.

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