Podcasters Community Rules

For the Podcasters Community on Google+. Feel free to join if you have not done so.

As the owner of the Podcasters Community, I like to run a well-oiled ship. I used to run some successful web forums in the day (which were basically before Social Networks like Google+ were out). Having active members (including myself) while giving people content to comment on makes for a very influential community.

Unfortunately, people try to game the system. Therefore a structure must be made. So here are the rules to the Podcasters Community:

– If you post, please post in ENGLISH.

Posting Episodes of Your Show

– Due to many “Gun and Runners” that only want to post their show and not be a part of the community, I have decided to discontinue the “Introduce your show” section for the time being.

– If you have a special episode of a podcast that you want to let people know about, once again you need to explain what its about (32 words or more). Not sure? Feel free to contact me.

– Not every episode is going to be that special.

Who Can Post to the Podcasters Community?

– The community is about people talking with each other. Even though business profiles can be part of the community, posting as a business profile is not allowed. Once again if you have concerns, feel free to contact me.

– Your name is important to us. Therefore, we are a real name community. If you post via your podcast business page or if you do not have your real name on your account, your post will get removed. It reduces spam and hate messages. Be proud of who you are!

– If you have a special project or website you would like to promote, that is great! However, these types of posts have to be cleared first. Not sure? Feel free to contact me.

Promoting Special Events

– Since events come and go very quickly, any post that starts “Come to my show”, “Recording now”, “join this hangout” or similar will be removed. ONLY EXCEPTION – if you contact me and plan an event at least a few days in advance, then I’ll allow it.

Other Rules

NO PROMOTING OTHER COMMUNITIES. This is not the place to find out about your basket weaving communities.

Podcast-Focused material only. It might be related to a podcaster but if you haven’t focused on a podcaster, it will most likely be removed.

– No external Polling or surveys of the audience unless you clear it first. A G+ poll post is OK, but excessive use might get taken down.

-Spam is Spam! Having someone else post for you doesn’t make the difference. If I go to your profile and notice you posted the same thing in 10 other communities, you could be removed and/or banned.

POST ONCE: There are some posts that need to be moderated first. That is a Google guideline. If you don’t see your post within 24 hours then let me know. If you post 4-5 times, all posts will be removed.

– In addition to Post once – do not post “Follow ups”. People might not see the follow-up post since they show up separately. If you have to add an image to explain something, post it on your profile then link to the image in the comments.

Products and Affiliates

You must get approval before posting any product or direct affiliate post. If it’s within a podcast or blog and not directly linking to the product or affiliate, then you are good. It then falls under promotion of your show and special event episodes.

Restricted Accounts and Disabled Comments *Added 8-4-2016*

Seems that some people are restricting their profiles or posting with the comments turned off. Since this is a social board, any posts that cannot be replied to will be removed.

All moderators and myself have to be able to reply or moderate any post. If you restrict these people, your post will be removed.


– Hate speech, fighting, hurtful comments will get you banned. Period. I wish I wouldn’t have to write this but I already had to remove someone for calling names. All comments are accepted and the Podcasters Community is a hate free zone

Podcasters Community Rules in Video format