Sony Movie Studio 13 Adds Touchscreen Usability, 4K Video

Movie Studio 13

Movie Studio 13

Last month, Sony creative software updated their Movie Studio software to version 13. With it, added codecs to produce a 4K video experience (along with 3D stereoscopic video), and the ability to better use Movie Studio with touchscreen enabled computers and tablets. Some items were added and removed, we’re going to go through the list and talk about the updates

Sony Movie Studio comes in 3 Versions – Standard, Platinum and Suite. You can also step up to Sony’s professional video software Acid Movie Maker software, but for a video podcaster, Movie Studio might all you really need to put together quality videos. I have been using the software since 2010 after a bad experience with another competitor.

  • Movie Studio 13 – Create videos for YouTube and Facebook, simple transistions and video effects.
  • Movie Studio 13 Platinum – Simple and Advanced mode, create 3d or 4K movies, personalize with text animations, title rolls, credits and more.
  • Movie Studio 13 Suite – comes with ACID music studio and Sound Forge Audio Studio. Create Ultra HD in XAVCS or AVCHD formats. Multichannel audio for original music.

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Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

Using Movie Studio 13 on a Tablet

With the new version of Movie Studio, you can now utilize a touchscreen or surface tablet. The minimum requirements of Movie Studio is Windows 7 – 32 or 64 bit versions, with 2 Ghz processor or better, 500 MB hard drive space and 512 MB GPU memory.

Upon opening, Movie Studio will be in Simple Mode – no re-sizable panes. By switching to Advanced mode, you can get back to the old feel of the software.

The software made larger buttons for touchscreens, and added the “Fade” option. Before, you could edit video or fade in/out using the corners of the clip. With 13, you must choose Fade or Normal modes to edit clips.

The Good: Sony Creative Movie Studio 13

The new updates allow for better video to be made. When I am ready, I will be able to make 4K video. I can also attach ACID music studio to the program so I can create songs or edit audio when needed. I can put in markers for commands to the video such as headlines, titles, closed caption information, and more.

Move Studio also comes with Slideshow maker. I can easily create picture slideshows for their own videos, or to insert in my creations.

Multiple effects options are available for video and audio. Most audio effects use VST and video effects can be used from other programs like Hitfilm. Bottom line is there are a lot of free effects out there to really enhance your video.

Movie Studio 13 Interface

Movie Studio 13 Interface

4K Options

In the rendering, you can choose Sony XAVC S for larger display viewing. You can choose from 1080 Long-GOP, up to 4K (3840×2160) Long-GOP at 59.94 fps. For a 7 minute video, my machine is looking to spend over 75 minutes on the render.

The Bad: Sony Creative Movie Studio 13

The selection arrow button is completely gone. This was used to select a series of videos using the mouse. Now, for keyboarders, you have to do a shift-select, which might not get all of the clips you need. The click-drag method will not allow you to select clips. Update: found out if you press “D”, it will flip between the modes on the timeline, including selection option.

While the icons are great for touchscreens, they are too big for the desktop user. I sent in a user-request for a button size option.

I also use the trimmer feature on Movie Studio a lot. In Movie Studio 12, the trimmer fit with the Media-explorer-transistions-videoFX window. Now it has its own window, which takes up real estate. You can add it into the main view in advanced mode by Ctrl-clicking.

The only other issue is this software only works on PC. Sony Creative has begun making Mac software, so hopefully further versions will be available for my Macbook.

Overall: Sony Creative Movie Studio 13

Once again, I use it for podcasting, rather than making feature films. One person called the interface “Fisher Price Button Screen”, which I agree in the assessment. Hopefully a further revision will allow me to adjust the size of the buttons and icons. The end result is I can make 7 minute videos with graphics and overlays in about 30-40 minutes a render (using a 2 GB video card). For iPad365 – I can create 3 versions – a full 1080p verson (YouTube), a 720p version (for Roku, AppleTV) and an MP3 audio podcast version.

I have thrown hour long presentations into the editor to improve sound and video, along with created transitions for other videos. For under $100, this software really does an awesome job in making videos. But don’t forget those who still use the desktop to create video…

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