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Submitting your Podcast to Podcast Directory

So you have created your podcast, and are ready to tell the world about it. Now what? Now it’s time to submit that podcast to a directory. This is a website that takes your feed, then re-aggregates it for you to their audience so your show gets discovered. When you go on the front page of a directory, it highlights podcasts you can watch or listen to. It might even tell you what is new. You can then listen from there, or download to your mp3 player. There are many podcast directories that you can submit your show to. Just...

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Blip.tv Hosts Video Podcasts

Blip.tv is a great way to get beyond the YouTube audience. Blip is a site that hosts your video and also re-aggregates it to other services. They offer full RSS feeds, opportunities to download your media and conversion of your videos to work on mobile media and mp3. Blip offers two levels of service – Free, and Pro. The pro version comes out to about $100 a year, so it’s really cheap to host your videos. The Pro version allows you to convert your video to LD, SD, MP3 and HD720 modes. This will allows the videos to play on...