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Tube Buddy Tutorials: Help Automate and Improve Your YouTube Experience

I am very happy with YouTube. It’s a great service that not only hosts my videos, but pays me monthly for them! Further, if you really work the channels, you can easily get people to come back and consume more. I spend 5-10 hours a month simply communicating and it always pays off. I find there are a few places where YouTube feels a little bit antiquated. One area is Annotations and Cards – I really wanted a way to copy the basic cards and annotations across the 1,100 videos I’ve already created. That is how I started my search...


Schedule a Helpout Time With Me for Your Podcast

Last week I was approved for Google Helpouts – a new way to get help with something you don’t normally need advise for. I have two helpouts out there: Podcast Coach Help with Wirecast Google launched Helpouts a couple weeks ago to give experts a way to make some money giving advise. I applied for the Helpout and after talking with an advisor, got approved. This is a great way for you to get a hold of me and ask me anything. It’s technically a great discount from my regular wage. Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals...

How to Record Podcasts – Archives 0

How to Record Podcasts – Archives

Looking for one of the great articles on How to Record Podcasts? This archive will help you navigate through and get to that one of a kind article you were looking for! So many podcast tips in here it’ll make your head spin! Want to see an article or have a question? Contact me and I’ll put something together! Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal

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iTunes Podcast Stations: Create Podcast Playlists, Stations

With the addition of iTunes 11.1, you also have the opportunity to get your Podcasts in order by creating Podcast lists that sync between your different programs. iPad, iPhone and even iTunes on Mac or Windows will now be able to share your lists so you don’t have to re-create them. A great tool for you to keep your podcasts synced and also set up so your subscriptions don’t stop downloading. I would like to suggest Apple add a “Share” option so people can share their playlists with others. Otherwise, just like with iTunes Radio – your playlists come with...

Use Sony Music Studio for Podcasting 0

Using Sony Acid Music Studio 9 for Podcasts

I have been using Sony products for podcasting ever since I started. The price is right ($50-100), it works better than Audacity and I have many options for expansion and creating templates. Best yet – I’ve been using this product for over 10 years to not only make podcasts, but also record music tracks for podcasts and other needs. Back in May, I created a how-to video on using Sony Acid 9.0. This first video introduces you to Sony Acid and how you can use it to build a podcast. It’s part of a series, which I spent the summer...


Increase Your Twitter Followers for Your Podcast

In my consultants, I seem to get this question all the time about 3-6 months into their podcasts. How do I increase Twitter followers for my podcast so my Twitter numbers grow? I remember working my Twitter account pretty hard in the first couple years of Geekazine. When I added @Dayintechhist and @ipad365 I did the same practice techniques, but still @geekazine was my primary Twitter. By time I registered @RecordAPodcast (for HTRP), I kinda let the account work on its own. A mistake I am working on fixing. Twitter reports hundreds of millions of Tweets a day. 554 million have...

YouTube Live Events: How to Set Up your Channel for Live Streaming 0

YouTube Live Events: Setup Your YouTube Channel for Live Streaming [How To]

Update 8-7-13: Subscriber qualifications have changed. You now only need 100 subscribers.  Last week YouTube announced that in June, all YouTube accounts that meet certain criteria will start getting YouTube Live Events. You will be able (with the help of 3rd party software) to stream straight to your YouTube channel. With the new YouTube instant processing in place, your event could be up online within minutes of finishing. I had Live Events for a while now and have been playing with the features. In this video I show you what requirements you need, how to enable YouTube Live Events and how to...

Can a Google Hangout Be a Podcast? 0

Are Google Hangouts a Form of Podcast [and How to Turn to Audio, Video Podcast]

The word “Podcast” is a muddled one. There are many that use it as a general term – even though their show does not fall into the definition. Last week I got asked if Google Hangouts could be considered podcasts. Even yesterday I was asked that question again along with the question if any YouTube video falls under that term. Definition of a Podcast Dictionary.com defines a podcast as such: pod·cast  [pod-kast, ‐kahst]  Show IPA Digital Technology . noun 1. A digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a web site to a media player or computer: Download or subscribe to daily, one-hour podcasts of our radio show. A lot of people state a podcast needs an RSS feed, which YouTube doesn’t really provide. Google+ Community: Their Answer...

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Day 13: 10 Words and Phrases to Avoid in Podcasting

Carlin had the seven deadly words. Words that most podcasters do avoid to keep a G rating. But did you know there are other words you should be avoiding – words that are worse than using the 7 deadly words? This is not about swear words – each podcast has their own stylesheet on profanity and some podcasts excel with the use of salty language.  These are words and phrases that can help you keep your audience. These are words that by avoiding them can make you sound better versed in your field. Literally Literally, I don’t like this word....

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Day 6: Sit or Stand – The Ergonomics of Podcasting [How To]

This is part of the 31 Days to Better Podcasting series by How to Record Podcasts. Find out more and get on the list Catch a breath. Build your diaphragm. The way you sit or stand can help you with your podcasts. It can help you sound better and it can make you healthier. Today we’re going to talk about sitting and standing for your podcast – you can do both and still be able to do it. What musicians do when recording vocals If you ever went to a recording studio, you would see most vocalists standing when they go...