Video Software to Record Audio Podcasts – Premiere Pro, Sony Movie Studio, iMovie

I got a message from a friend who said he had a program die on him. He was trying to figure out why the podcast software was not working (it wouldn’t render) but asked me if there was other software he could use in the interim to get a podcast out.

I knew he did video as well, so I just suggested “why not use the video software?” He agreed and successfully got his podcast out. He then found the problem with his audio software (bad .dll) and didn’t miss any deadline.

I started thinking about this: which is the best software to use in a pinch? Adobe? Sony? iMovie? So I started creating podcasts in the video programs to see what happens.

Especially if you decide to create audio versions of video podcasts. I do this all the time with iPad365, TWIGG and Geek Smack! It only takes a couple minutes more and can bring me just as much traffic as a video version.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro to Record a Podcast

I pulled up my Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 to attempt a podcast. It was easily done – simply remove all video tracks and you have an audio editor. Make sure you set an audio source, arm the track for record and podcast! You can also bring in your audio files from another recorder (like an H6 or other digital recorder).

Pros: You can record and mix, splice audio and apply effects to the files (like compression, EQ and more). You can also run this software on a Mac or PC.

Cons: Adobe software is (at times) hard to navigate through. The process to arm and record is fragmented, as the video shows. Worst part – you cannot do anything while the recording – playback is happening. If you wanted to move a file or splice content, the playback stops.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum

Sony Movie Studio Platinum

Sony Movie Studio to Record a Podcast

Next up is Sony Movie Studio for podcasting. The interface is very similar to their Music Studio and Acid software. Once again you have to set your audio sources or bring in audio files from a recorder.

Pros: The interface is exactly the same. You can put effects on the file, on the track AND on the Master so you can get a great sound with whatever recording you have. The software also allows you to edit while it’s playing – move and splice tracks together, then go back to the spot to hear what it sounds like.

You can also set up an MP3 profile in the render area — complete with simple ID3 tags. When I put together iPad365, I can render the audio right from the program to post.

Movie Studio is also sub $100 software.

Cons: The software is for PC only. Sony only has one piece of software for Mac based systems (Sound Forge).

iMovie for iPhone, iPad


iMovie for Audio Podcasts?

I have tried to do one, but iMovie is not made for creating MP3 files. In fact, there is no way to turn it into an MP3 directly. Best practice is to import the file into Garageband, Audcity, Adobe Audition or another program to create a MP3, OGG or another format.


There is no real advantage to using video editing software for podcasts. This is just a “If it happens” situation. However, you could also set up a camera and record video at the same time, then convert to MP4 and MP3.

Is there another video creation software I should consider? If so, let me know!

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