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wirecast tutorial
Wirecast tutorial

NEW! Wirecast 6 Videos

Telestream just released Wirecast 6 with some great new features including Playlists and Twitter feed.

Learn how to add Twitter feeds

Learn how to create a playlist


Wirecast is a great way to create video podcasts in one shot. I love using Wirecast for shows because I can insert graphics as I go, along with lower 3rds, side-by-side video for one-on-one interviews and much more.

With Wirecast, all you need is a computer and one webcam, or a computer with multiple webcams and a USB mic, or two computers and 3 mics. OK – I guess you can use it in multiple configurations.

Wirecast also lets you record to your computer while you live stream to multiple services. Ustream, Livestream or use UDP to send to a custom source. You can record and stream in VGA, 480i, 720p, 1080p or whatever your resolution and bitrate the computer can allow.

Wirecast is one program in a series of consumer and professional software and hardware. But the best part is with Wirecast you can record anywhere your computer can allow.

Wirecast Desktop Presenter

Desktop Presenter
Desktop Presenter for Wirecast

With Wirecast’s Desktop Presenter, you can show a desktop or a specific window from the main computer, or a computer on the same network. Desktop Presenter also can be installed on multiple computers to bring over images from different computers.

How to Get Wirecast

Wirecast is not free. Here is how you can purchase Wirecast:

Video Tutorials – Wirecast

Wirecast 5 Part 1: What is it, How to Ramp up Video Production

Part 2: Bring Your iPad Into the Wirecast Scene

Part 3: Lower 3rds, Overlays, Transitions

Part 4: Create or Stream Webinars Over Wirecast

Part 5:Use Wirecast in your Google Hangout or YouTube Live Stream

Part 6: Use Desktop Presenter to its Full Potential

Part 7: Wirecast for YouTube – Using in Tandem with Wirecast 5

Part 8: Using the Hauppauge PVR 2 with Wirecast

Part 9: USB Camera vs. Pro-Sumer Camera

Part 10: Run 2 Skype Instances on One Computer, Wirecast to Record

Wirecast 4 Part 1: Introduction to Wirecast

Basic introduction to Wirecast. I set up a basic scene

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Part 2: Create a Scene

Switching over to the PC I show you how not much different this version is. I go through setting up cameras and adjusting settings of the camera.

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Encoding Presets, Set up to Broadcast, Record

I show you the encoding presets and how to make your videos in different resolutions and bit rates. I show you how to set up a live stream with ustream or livestream and how to set up the recording.

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